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2024 Team meetings dates

Legion Gold: Wed., May 22 @ 6:30 p.m.


Team Meetings are at the Legion.   Please enter through the back entrance to the basement.  Times are listed below.   Uniforms will be handed out at this time as well as a brief meeting with the respective coaches, to review expectations and game/tournament dates.

*For VFW levels, please bring your signed waiver and a copy of your birth certificate as well as any remaining payments due.

*For Legion Level, please bring your signed Form 2, your signed waiver and your original birth certificate as well as any remaining payments due.


After the Sr Legion players are named, you will need to fill out a "Form 2" before you come to your first team meeting.  This is an interactive form and can be found in the link to the right, or go to the MN Legion Baseball site under "team info" then "forms" then "2024 Form 2" .  Please fill this out and print it, then sign where needed and bring to your respective meeting.  This does NOT need to be notarized.

2024 School enrollment numbers for the form:

NUHS: 525

Cathedral: 95

MVL: 178

New Ulm Legion Gold

Kolton Achman
Ben Alfred
Colin Anderson
Landon Barstad
Tucker Berg
Jake Finstad
Caleb Forstner
Levi Franta
Graham Glaser
Kaden  Larson
Logan Mielke
Blaine Olson
Kaden Peterson
Matt Schommer
Lucas Suess
Ethan Thompson
Brock Wellmann
Adam  Wiltscheck



New Ulm Jr. Legion

Kyle Albrecht
Tanner Backer
Carson Boe
Candon Briggs 
Jaxon Buegler
Cohen Domeier
Spencer Drill
Collin Forstner
Ayden Gostonczik
Dirk Haynes
Zachary Hubbard
Hunter Larson
Parker Neubauer
Ryan Rathmann
Elliot Schabert
Cullen Slette

New Ulm VFW Silver

Eli Anderson
Crosby  Batt 
Evan Blekestad
Henry Forst
Joshua Forstner
Jaxon Hage
Levi Hopp
Mitchell  Hopp
Landon Kapolczynski
Jeffrey Kral
Ethan Lodes
Alexander Portner 
Elijah Rieser
Lane  Ruch
Aiden Thompson




I will:

Keep the rules

Keep faith with my teammates

Keep my temper

Keep myself fit

Keep a stout heart in defeat

Keep my pride under in victory

Keep a sound soul, a clean mind, and a healthy body

VFW Baseball  "The Student Athlete's Code of Sportsmanship"  

1. We will respect all aspects of the game: ourselves, all coaches, all officials, teammates, opponents, fans, and the rules; regardless of the behavior of others.

2. We will support our teammates and be team players.

3. We will recognize who and what we are representing.

4. We will show no bias, no prejudice, or preferential treatment on or off the field.

5. We will take responsibility for our own behavior.

6. We will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

2023 Team Pictures




Legion Gold

2022 VFW Gold

Front Row (L to R): Brock Wellmann, Kaden Peterson, Matthew Seidl, Parker Kamm, Kaden Wilson, Blaine Olson, Lucas Suess, Jake Finstad, Cody Serbus.

Back Row (L to R): Coach Nick Dewanz, Logan Mielke, Levi Franta, Zach Riederer, Zach Paszkiewicz, Ethan Thompson, Logan Kreilkamp, Kaden Larson, Gavin Epper, Landon Barstad, Adam Wiltscheck, Coach Collin Helget

2021 Team Photos

New Ulm Legion Gold 2021

New Ulm Legion Gold 2021 Front L-R Jaden Miller, Carson Helget, Jack Albrecht, Hunter Sehr, Jackson Bode, Jace Schaefer, Isaiah Rieser, and Cole Ranweiler. Back L-R Aiden Eckstein, Carter Lang, Ethan Stade, Sam Keckeisen, Jayden Drill, Josh Giefer, Maddox

New Ulm Jr Legion Gold 2021

New Ulm Jr Legion 2021 Front L-R: Austin Enter, Drew Domeier, Carter Haala, Kyle Seidl, Jace Schaefer, Anton Freiderich, Zach Paszkiewicz, Levi Franta   Back L-R: Coach Collin Helget, Brett Menk, Taylor Hansen, Brody Bushard, Grant Bruns, Ben Hohensee, Landon Barstad, Gavin Epper, Coach Nick Dewanz   Not Pictured: Jack Albrecht, Jaden Drill, Josh Giefer, Coach Dan Reinke

New Ulm VFW Silver 2021

New Ulm VFW Silver 2021 Front L-R: Logan Kreilkamp, Zach Riederer, Logan Mielke, Kaden Larson, Lucas Suess, Blaine Olson, Kellen Bode, Ethan Thompson.  Back L-R: Tyler Widmark, Adam Wiltscheck, Kaden Wilson, Brock Wellmann, Parker Kamm, Matt Seidl.  Coaches Mark Grossmann, Rick Wellmann

2020 Team Photos

2020 New Ulm Silver (15 yr)

Front Row (L to R): Austin Enter, Carter Haala, Nick Zins, Anton Frederich, Kyle Seidl, Jack Albrecht, Drew Domeier  Second Row (L to R): Asst Coach Patrick Bakker, Thomas Finstad, Brett Menk, Ben Hohensee, Grant Bruns, Taylor Hansen, Blake Soukup, Coach Mark Grossmann  Missing: Tarik Gavronavik, Asst Coach Chase Meyer

2020 New Ulm Silver (15 yr)

2020 VFW Gold (16 yr)

2020 NU Legion

2020 NU Legion, no picture available.  Roster included Caleb Arndt, Jackson Bode, Mason Cox, Nolan Drill, Tony Geiger, Teddy Giefer, Carson Helget, Sam Keckeisen, Chris Knowles, Jace Marotz, Isaiah Miller, Cole Ranweiler, Matt Rieger, Hunter Sehr, Ethan Stade and Noah Wilmes.  Coach Chris Peters, Asst Coach Kevin Fischer, Assistants J.T. Hoffmann & Andrew Peters.



2018 Team Photos

2018 Legion Gold

2018 VFW Gold

2018 New Ulm VFW Silver

2017 Team Pictures

Legion Gold - 2017

Legion Gold - 2017

Legion Blue - 2017

Legion Blue - 2017

2016 Team Pictures

Legion Gold - 2016

VFW Gold - 2016

VFW Silver - 2016

2015 Team Pictures

2015 VFW Gold

2015 VFW Silver